Ultimate guide when choosing a baseball bat

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As a baseball player, one of the most important things to own is the baseball bat. At the beginning of every baseball season, there are typically new rules that are usually given to ensure that the game takes place within the stipulated norms. As a player, it is, therefore, critical that you consider the rules that will guide you on the type of bat to purchase. We have different kinds of bats that are used in specific competitions and not others. For instance, most of the little league programs do not permit the use of the composite bats but allow the use of the other types of bats. This, therefore, means that you should check out the competition that you are in before selecting an ideal baseball bat to play. Click on the highlighted link for the best 2018 Youth Bats offers their baseball reviews.

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Bat selection

The type of baseball bat you select will change with age. More experience bat players in age and games will tend to choose the right T-Ball bat as compared to the amateur players who are around 12 years of age. Watch the video above on how a player can select a baseball bat;

The length

The length is a critical factor when you are selecting the perfect baseball bat. Since the bat sizes are designed for different age sets it is always recommended that you select the bat of the right size. One can quickly check on whether the bat is ideal for you by placing the handle end of the bat in the middle area of your chest. With your arm stretched to your side, you can then extend it in the direction of your index finger. If the bat does not go beyond your wrist or palm, then it is too short. Similarly, it is too long if it goes past the index finger.


The right weight of the bat is determined by the player. By taking multiple swings, you will be able to decide whether the baseball bat is of the ideal weight or not. For example, if you take various swings and realize that the bat is dropping or is heavy then this indicates that the bat is too heavy and therefore it is not of the recommended size. You should be able to hold the baseball bat for a duration of between 35 and 40 seconds by stretching it on the inside of your arm. If you cannot be able to pull this, it means that the bat is too heavy for you.

Drop of the bat

drop of the bat

The drop of the bat is another critical factor to look for when selecting the right baseball bat. The drop of the bat is defined as the difference between the weight of the bat and the length of the bat. The lower the drop, the heavier the bat and vice-versa.