How Effective are Nootropics and Other Smart Drugs?


Available today are smart pills that can speed up your thought process, boosting your memory and increase your productivity. You might have heard about such pills or even seen them in movies. Beware the market is also flooded with counterfeits and knock-offs that do not work. The smart pills are also described as nootropics. The supplements and drugs on the market do not deliver such a strong punch but work under the same principle. The benefits of nootropics that can be authenticated through scientific research are boosting memory and focus. The most effective nootropics are only issued with the intention of treating a certain condition. A prescription will accompany Their issuance. The recreational use of nootropics is a hot debate among medical researchers, doctors, and lawmakers. There are growing concerns about the adverse effects arising from long-term use. Alternatively, there is an ethical debate on the use of cognitive enhancers to get an advantage in sports, school or work. Despite the raging debate, more entrepreneurs and customers are buying the magic pills. As of now, the industry is worth billions of dollars as many find their metal rejuvenation worth the try. Briefly described are popular cognitive enhancers and their reviews from a scientific perspective.



Use of L-theanine and Caffeine

Caffeine and L-theanine qualify as two of the most popular compounds we have ingested. The compounds are traditionally present in green tea and coffee. However, their presence is in much smaller doses when compared to nootropics.

We can go into greater detail about how caffeine affects the body. However, the main idea is to improve both focus and motivation. This is achieved by increasing the catecholamine signaling. The effects dampen with time, especially as you develop a tolerance for caffeine.

Research conducted on L-theanine, a popular amino acid, indicates that it boosts neuron health while decreasing the symptoms of cold or flu. The process strengthens your immune system and defense. A review published in the Biological, psychological journal discovered that the drug reduced stress and stress-related responses. Comprehensive reviews done by the Nutrition Review shows the uses of caffeine combined with L-theanine promoted attention and alertness. The effects of the pills are most pronounced in the first two hours after taking the dose. This is mainly attributed to caffeine which suppresses the anxiety and shakiness from too much ingestion of caffeine.


Chlorine and Piracetam

A popular ingredient in the over the counter stimulants is piracetam and racetam. They are synthetic stimulants which improve brain function. Even though their extended use over time scientists have not established any medical research that conclusively proves their action. It is assumed that piracetam improves neural functioning by enhancing fluidity in the brain membrane. Unfortunately, most studies of nootropics are not done with the right target market in mind – the young professionals. Instead, they are administered to the elderly suffering from cognitive defects.




The procedure for acquisition is a bit different buying Nootropics in Australia. Nootropics are regulated like other food products. You can count on their quality as they must be manufactured, prepared and packaged in sanitary facilities.…

Tips on how to increase blood circulation


Poor circulation of the blood around the body vessels often brings cool extremities, edema (Swelling), and discolored extremities. You might have noted that your hands and feet are behaving like they are asleep more often. This gives clear indications that your body is not well supplied with blood as required. Which is not a healthy condition to be with then you need to turn away from the daily behaviors that you may be practicing. To help you increase the blood circulation in your body.



Tips to increase blood flow in the body


Introduce regular exercise

Activities such as walking, running, jogging or aerobics helps to increase the heart beating and increase the rate at which you take in fresh air. By achieving this, the heart can gain energy and pressure that is enough to push blood at a required speed, which increases the chances of the blood reaching the whole body.


Introduce stretch breaks

For those people who work in offices, or sitting in one place for the extended period and curving your body parts in a chair or a sofa prevent your body from a direct contact from the main vessel thus obstructing blood flow. It is advised that for this kind of people is that you take a stretch break that will help your body parties to gain the direct contact with the blood vessel. Will increase and encourage blood to get a free flow thus aiding the flow.


Elevate your feet

If it happens, that you experience the poor blood circulation to the body organs which many people find their lower feet affected. Then try to elevate your feet above the height of your heart. These can be achieved by using another chair which is height is taller than the one you are using. By doing will enhance the blood speed to increase and by doing this, you will achieve a proper blood flow.


Wear tight stockings

If it happens that your legs repeatedly swell this implies that blood fails to reach your legs. In this case, doctors recommend the use of compression stockings, which will help the return of blood to the feet. All made more comfortable because the blood may fail until maybe the vessel shrieked due to cold temperature. The introduction of stocking increases the heat, which opens up the vessels, which pave the way to blood flow.


Introduce massage

This help to increase the blood flow in the area, which is being massaged by removing the present toxins that may be hindering the blood flow. The removal of toxic bacteria in body parts paves the way to proper passage of blood. Use your hand or direct the massage therapist to massage the affected place more often to open up and help the blood circulation. It is well done when done using the correct message oil recommended brand is the rosemary, which supports and enhances the blood flow around the body. Having the proper day-to-day practices will not only improve your blood circulation but also help to keep your body fit.…