Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Golf

According to the top fitness gurus, playing golf has lots of health advantages to our health. This is why golf is one of the many games that are recommended to different individuals. One advantage of playing golf is that it is a low-impact sport which means that playing golf does not result in serious injuries.

Playing golf will not only help in the strengthening of your muscles but also help to keep your hear fit and healthy and thus pumps blood correctly. Depending on the individual, golf can be played as a pastime activity or as a competitive sport. This read highlights the surprising health benefits of playing golf.

Outdoor Exposure

When we talk about golf, it can either be played indoors or outdoors. The outdoor golf is the most popular type of golf in the world. In many cases, golf is usually played when the environment is friendly. This explains why golf is played in the early morning and late afternoons. You can click here if you want to experience indoor golf.


The outdoor exposure is critical since it gives the individuals the opportunity to get vitamin D which is a vital nutrient for the human body. When needing vitamin D as it facilitates the absorption of calcium which helps us have healthy teeth and bones.

Mental Exercise

Playing golf also subjects the individuals to various mental exercises. One of the aspects of golf is the different holes that the individuals are expected to put in the balls. A player is thus supposed to play accordingly on the kind of strategy that he will use to get the golf balls in the holes.

Golf players who apply approach and not the brute force typically emerge winners in the various competitions that they participate in. Playing golf exercises the mind and teaches the individuals the ideal problem-solving skills and helps in keeping their minds sharp.

Burning Calories

Golf is a physical exercise which requires the individual to hit the golf ball. The golf ball is often subjected to different types of force depending on the position of the of the holes. If the holes are far away, then maximum and tactful force is usually employed.

The different kinds of forces that are applied during golf help in exercising the body which leads to the burning of calories. This is one of the reasons why people who play golf are usually fit as a fiddle.

Exercises the Muscles

golf in progress

Just as we had mentioned earlier on, golf is a physical activity. The golf ball is supposed to be hit in different fashions before it gets to the hole. The golf player usually employs different strategies which help in exercising the muscles.



Natashia Barker