Little-known uses for CBD oil

Cannabis contains cannabinoids whose major psychoactive compound is THC. In fact, it is in larger quantity as compared to CBD oil, or Cannabidiol that offers anti-epileptic, antipsychotic, and anti-anxiety effect. Recent studies have identified CBD oil as the main component responsible for several medical effects offered by marijuana.

Uses for CBD oil

Cigarette addiction

cigarette CBD oilIn a placebo-controlled study, smokers were chosen and advised to receive either a placebo or an inhaler of CBD oil. Participants were required to take a puff any time they had a craving to puff a cigarette. For more than a week, placebo inhalers did not realize any significant change in their cigarette consumption. On the other hand, those who took CBD realized about a 40% decrease in their intake. Using inhalers decreased the amount of cigarettes without participants increasing their nicotine craving. Thus, CBD oil plays a vital role in helping you get rid of tobacco addiction.


According to National Institute of Health, CBD oil can offer treatment for acne. In fact, researchers used CBD oil on the sebaceous glands and discovered that Cannabidiol is a highly effective sebostatic and it inhibits synthesis of lipids.


CBD oil has been used to prevent the development of obesity. However, it has not been found to have a direct impact on the glucose levels, but this treatment prevents the production of IL -12. The prevention of this cytokine is vital as it plays a useful role in several autoimmune diseases.


Some of the common treatments for this condition are opioid pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and corticosteroids. A recent study on the use of CBD oil for fibromyalgia treatment produced promising results for the future studies. Using Cannabidiol has been found to reduce patient’s pain and symptoms.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

stress CBD oil 652CBD oil produces anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects when they are ingested by calming the user. Patients who have PTSD are usually overcome with stress and anxiety. Thus, patients can get relief by using CBD. This is because it offers antipsychotic benefits that create a stable environment for the patients.


The main side effect of using CBD oil is tiredness. However, for most users, this is what they want from this natural herb. This is pharmaceutical products that aid sleep are known to have serious side effects and can leave one feeling groggy, it is a good idea to use this option has it is safe.

Natashia Barker